What Fans Love about Masters Week

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A Masters golf ball displays the length of the new rough increased to 1 3/8 of an Inch before the 1999 US Masters at the Augusta National GC in Augusta, Georgia, USA. Photo courtesy of: Stephen Munday /Allsport

From the Par 3 contest to the ceremonial first tee shots, the azaleas blooming and the birds chirping, every fan of golf has a favorite part of Masters week.
And while the Masters won't start today due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, it's great to hear fans reflect upon traditions and look forward optimistically to the November dates Augusta National Golf Club identified for the 2020 Masters (incumbent upon favorable counsel and direction from health officials).
From the traditional staples mentioned above, to family routines practiced for decades, there is no doubt the golf community will be ready to celebrate again when the time comes.
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Terri Santamassino on Facebook said…
The course. It’s absolutely beautiful. You know spring has arrive when you see all the flowers and greens. Everything starts here.
Elliot Shaw on Facebook said…
Knowing that, at the end of it, the #GreenJacket will be presented in the Butler Cabin and whoever gets the honor of receiving it will go down in Golf history as a #Master forever!
The childhood dream right there! #MastersChampion
Gordon Alexander on Facebook said…
The atmosphere within the grounds where you’re wholly reliant on the scoreboards and roars to understand what’s happening. The discussion within the crowd guessing and postulating what’s happening then the confirmation from the scoreboard is an excitement you can’t get from the intense TV coverage.
Mark Mahnke on Twitter said…
I tried… I don’t have a favorite…I just love everything about Masters week.
Marc Brady on Twitter said…
My drive through the back roads of S.C. early every Friday of Masters week feeling the anticipation… and a big THANK YOU to the Masters members for allowing PGA members to attend!
Emily Brown on Twitter said…
Placing your chair in the perfect spot in the morning to watch all players in the afternoon with a Georgia peach ice cream sandwich in your hand.