Perched lie in the bunker


Q: I struggle from bunkers, especially in two cases. If the ball is perched in the sand, and I am green-side, how should I play the ball? I struggle with spin and consistency, and I am wondering if I should pick the ball clean or hit down on it. This also applies for if the ball is buried in a greenside bunker. What is the proper form for hitting it out with some bite? Thanks a lot for the help.

A: The perched lie in the bunker should be played with a shallow angle; other wise you will usually not hit the ball far enough if you dig under it with a normal or steep swing. To play a shallower shot, simply allow your arms to swing more around you in a flatter manner, both backswing and downswing. With regards to to semi-buried and buried lies, you need a steeper swing and a more digging club face. Play these shots with a square club face rather than an open face and swing more upright to dig farther under the ball. Buried and semi-buried lies do not come out with much backspin. It is not possible to put much bite on the ball from these lies.