Arm position


Q: Everyone talks about keeping the left arm straight at ball address. Should the left arm be straight during impact of the ball than flex on the follow through?

A: I'm not sure why you would just want your left arm straight at address, however.. I would like both arms to look the same, not straight but not too much bend. They should be without tension and ready to move. Have the thought of both of your elbows looking down towards your hips, that would be a good starting position. As far as how the left arm looks at impact, ideally it would be straight (right handed player) and the right arm will be in the process of straightening. Seeing as how this is impossible to do consiously, focus on keeping your left arm realtively straight after impact until both the left arm and Club shaft are parallel with the ground, then allow it to bend up. I hope that helps, practice hard and play well.