Down Swing

Alfred L

Q: When I start the down swing do my hips start first or does my hips and hands start at the same time. As of now I'm either pushing my shots a little right or blocking them out. I'm making solid contact but my shots are about 10 to 15 yards right of the target. I'v checked my stance and i'm lining up correctly.

A: Many years ago a noted golf publication contacted me and asked a similar question on how the downswing was started. As I proceeded to give the writer what I thought was an eloquent and brilliant answer, he chuckled. I asked, "What's so funny"? He said, "You're the seventh teacher I have contacted and this is the seventh different answer I have received". If in fact your lower body was starting the downswing well ahead of your upper body your shot pattern would be weak and cutting right. I am thinking that your take away might be a little too far to the inside and this is why you are hitting the hard push.

Alfred, practice hitting some balls with your feet together and feel your hands and arms pass your body on the throughswing. This sensation is the opposite of the one you would feel if your lower half went first.

Keep me posted.