Function of the arms

Fabio Colon

Q: I'm a big fan of the one plane swing but I was wondering in your takeaway should it be a set arms and wrists or should it be all shoulders? I hear different answers from many people and I think it would be best to hear from the man himself.

A: Unfortunately I do not understand what you mean by "should it be a set arms and wrists or should it be all shoulders." Therefore I will attempt to answer what I think are the correct ingredients of the takeaway. It is a combination of the arms and shoulders. The function of the arms is to get the left arm TIGHT and LOW ACROSS the chest while the right arm moves UPWARD and BEHIND you until the upper right arm is at least even with the seam of your shirt on the right side. At the same time your arms are moving around your chest, the upper body and particularly the shoulders are turning approximately 45 degrees with the left shoulder going down and in front of the body and the right shoulder moving up and behind the body.