Hooks and Slices/Pushes and Pulls

Matthew Hartwell

Q: I have just returned to playing golf after a six year layoff. I am having issues with pushing my irons left or right of the hole when I feel I am correctly aiming at my target. Is this more of an issue of having the club head to open or closed because I have had someone check my allignment and they say I am correct in that department. I have also wondered if it is in my ball placement in my stance. I place it just off center on the front side of my stance. Any help would be appreciated.


A: Pushes and Pulls are different from Hooks and Slices. Hooks and Slices are caused by the clubface not being square to the direction you are swinging in at impact. Pulls and Pushes are caused by an incorrect path at impact, either to much in-to-out or too much out-to-in. Ball position plays a role. The farther back in you stance you play the ball, the more you tend to Push and/or Hook. Conversely, the farther you play the ball forward the greater the tendency to Pull and/or Slice.