Out-to-in swing

Joe Z

Q: With my driver and fairway woods I have an outside to inside swing causing a severe slice. Im fine with my irons only happens with woods. what can I do to correct this???

A: Unfortunately your out-to-in swing is the same with both the irons as well as the woods. It does not show up with the irons because they are lofted and put backspin on the ball. The woods are less lofted and instead of backspin they put side spin on the ball and that produces a big slice. I will suggest two methods to try that will correct this. One method is to flatten your swing by allowing your right arm (if you play right handed) to extend as far behind you as you can in the backswing and then to allow it to rotate counter-clockwise in the downswing to close the club face and hook the ball. The other method is to swing more inside-out. To do so you must swing both arms more vertically DOWN near your right pants leg and then OUT to the ball. This is the reverse of your mistake of swinging OUTWARD first in the downswing and then DOWN at the ball. Try both methods and stick with the one that gives you the better results.