Get more distance

Justin Barber

Q: I just started learning how to play golf from and instructor and was wondering does power come with time and comfort from your swing or is that it when you get your swing somewhat sound. I'm 24 years old with a background in football and wrestling and do lift 3 times a week. It seems that my drive only will go 230-250 range right now. I have new clubs Taylormade so I know it's not my clubs. Do I just need patience and let my swing and power develop or am I stuck hitting short shots.

A: Coming from such an athletic backgroung that includes football and wrestling I'm sure you are well aware that the gift of speed has the upper hand in most sports; golf is no different. A great way to get more speed in your swing is by incorporating more of the lower body. Try this drill; Set the ball on a tee and take a normal stance. Start the swing back and at the same time bring your front foot over to your back foot. At the top of the swing you will step forward and make your full swing, very similar to how you throw a football.
Best of Luck.