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News flash: World No. 1 Dustin Johnson can absolutely crush a golf ball. Here are three tips from 2013 PGA National Teacher of the Year Lou Guzzi on how you can get more distance -- and accuracy -- off the tee.

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Increase swing speed
I am a 13 hcp and would like some drills to increase my swng speed. My driver speed is about 95 mph. Would longer shafts help? I am 5 ft 9in tall.  
Driving consistently
My core question is, should I learn to play a fade or draw with my driver so I can build some consistency with landing area? In other words, should I work to correct the core inconsistency in my swing or learn to play a more predictable pattern? Is a straight shot bad?
Get more distance
I just started learning how to play golf from and instructor and was wondering does power come with time and comfort from your swing or is that it when you get your swing somewhat sound. I'm 24 years old with a background in football and wrestling and do lift 3 times a week.
Starting the backswing properly
I started golf at 50, so I'm way behind my peers. I'm now 70 and with many lessons, a 10 handicap. I can't seem to be able to stop starting my swing at the top with my arms coming over the top outside in. I either pull or slice when I do this. HELP! Thanks.
Using your wrists to drive further
I've been playing for two yrs now and love the game, but the problem is that nature cheated me out and I only stand 5'-5" tall. On an average drive, I probably hit the ball 220 yds or so. I can't help feeling cheated when I see 6'+ tall guys hammering the ball.
Getting the ball up
I was having problems getting my ball off the ground from the tee, so I moved the ball well forward in my stance. I was getting the ball up, but now I have a bad hook with a lot of spin. From the tee the ball goes about 70 yards hooking then dives straight to the ground.
Best way to hit a draw
What is the best way to hit a draw with a driver? Is it in the grip or set up or what?
Use Tee Boxes to Your Advantage
Survey the hole and tee the ball on the side of the tee box that trouble is on.  This will enable you to hit away from the trouble.  For example if a pond is on the right side of the hole then you want to tee your ball on the right side of the tee box.  This again will enable yo
Driving Tee Shots into the Wind
Many people over swing and tee the ball lower on tee shots into the wind which can magnify many off center hits and overall bad swings.  I would like to see players stay consistent with their set up during such tee shots and stay more focused on a weight shift to the left side for right h
To Be or Not to Be? That is the Question
Many championship golf courses can be considered decision-maker's golf courses. Choosing shots that match your ability level is critical. Understanding the value of risk and reward will help you make the right decisions to keep you score as low as possible.
Take full advantage of swinging down wind
You want to take every advantage of down wind conditions.  Here are the keys: 1. Tee the ball about a < to = an inch higher. 2. Move your ball 1 inch up in your stance. 3. Swing easy and be patient. Moving the ball up means that it will take a longer period of time
A Lesson Learned: Laying back on short par 4s
Once again, it was great to see the world's best players visit my home facility, the TPC River Highlands. It's always exciting to see how the elite players take on the same course that you play on, teach on and watch so many other golfers take on.