3 Things to Consider When Shopping For a New Driver

By Leighton Smith, PGA
Published on

This time of year you can find good deals on equipment. The promise of extra yardage off the tee is always so tempting. However, sometimes it’s hard to know where you need to invest in your game or if throwing cash for the full send is worth it.
Every year it seems like there are new drivers that promise 15 extra yards here and 20 extra yards there. Here are a few things to remember before throwing mad cash to add a new club to your bag:
1. Figure Out What It's Worth to You
Chances are you're going to drop $500 if you want the latest and greatest piece of equipment. If you find yourself on the fence and not wanting to spend a ton of money, you could look into a previous year's model or a used club.
You can also utilize the PGA Value Guide and trade in your current clubs for a fresh new fairway finder.
2. Get Fitted
Once you know that you're ready to throw some cash around, it is always a great idea to make sure you get properly fitted before breaking out the checkbook.
This is important primarily to maximize your spin rate and launch angles. These two numbers drastically affect your total yardage. After all, gaining some serious yardage requires some fine tuning.
3. Save the cash and invest in another part of your game.
Sure, the brand new drivers look amazing and they come with all the hype. But, that doesn't mean it will be a total game changer for you. If you are confident you want the new driver, go for it! But, if you feel it in your gut that you aren’t ready for that leap then perhaps you could use some new wedges or a lesson from your pro. Choose wisely and happy spending!