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A Six-Step Guide to Master the Bump and Run Chip

By Brendon Elliott, PGA
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Short game, short game, short game.
You hear how important it is to have a good short game and, well, it's true: performance around the greens is the make-or-break factor when it comes to playing well.
One go-to shot to learn? The bump and run. The vast majority of tour professionals adhere to this philosophy, opting for a low trajectory in their short-game shots unless a high shot is absolutely necessary.
The benefits of keeping the ball low in short game shots cannot be overstated. A low trajectory reduces the margin of error, and increases the chances of getting the ball close to the hole.
It's also a powerful tool for managing distances effectively. By using the ground for propulsion, golfers can achieve a consistent carry and roll, giving them control over the distance of their shots. This is particularly useful for navigating varying lengths and obstacles around the green and tailoring shots to specific distances with increased accuracy.
Here is a step-by-step guide to help you learn to hit lower shots around the green:
1. Select a club with less loft, such as a pitching wedge or 9-iron, to achieve a lower trajectory.
2. Position the ball slightly back in your stance, closer to the right foot (for right-handed golfers) and adopt a slightly narrower stance than usual.
3. Place your hands slightly ahead of the ball at address to promote a downward strike, allowing you to compress the ball against the turf.
4. Focus on a shorter backswing and follow-through to ensure a more controlled and compact swing, minimizing the height of the shot.
5. Execute the shot with a steady and smooth tempo, focusing on maintaining a consistent rhythm throughout the swing.
6. Spend time practicing hitting lower shots around the green, adjusting your technique as needed to achieve the desired trajectory and distance control.
Prioritizing getting the ball on the ground quickly promotes a more efficient and reliable approach to short-game shots. This practical approach empowers you to take control of your game and improve your performance.
Mastering the art of the bump and run in short-game shots is paramount for a golfer’s success around the green. These six steps will have you well on your way to doing so!
Brendon R. Elliott, PGA

Sorrento, FL

Brendon Elliott

Executive Director/Founder

Brendon Elliott is considered by his peers in the industry as one of the top youth golf coaches in the world. He is a multiple, local, state, regional, national and world award winning instructor with a focus on junior golfers ages 3-18. With numerous appearances on Golf Channel's Morning Drive, local TV, nationwide radio and countless publications, Elliott is one of the foremost experts in the youth golf arena. His Little Linksters 501c3 nonprofit is recognized as an example for introducing children as young as three to the game as well as how to help introduce youth with disabilities to our golf. Elliott has been recommended by industry titian's such as Nicklaus, Player, Floyd, Sorenstam, Speith and more. Among his numerous accolades, Elliott was named the PGA of America's 2017 PGA National Youth Player Development Award Winner in 2017.

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