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A Solid Foothold in Difficult Lie Situations is Crucial

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During this entire championship, we have witnessed some unbelievable player situations. Calling them uneven lies would almost be an understatement. On each of these occasions, the best in the world seem to hit crisp shots. As we watch them conquer the challenge our eyes are drawn to the club. That shiny chrome wand as it waves through the air.
Next time you see a shot like this don’t watch the club, watch their feet. Here’s an example, one foot in the bunker and one foot out. Precision contact is needed to hit a pitch to save par. Notice the lower body stays very solid and still. As a result, the player is able to clip the ball off the uneven surface and pitch it accurately toward his target.
The arc of your swing moves with your lower body. In situations where contact is at an ultimate premium and distance is secondary, don’t move those feet. Build a stable base with your lower body. This will allow you to control the bottom of your swing arc. You’ll be amazed how much command you will gain just by quieting the bottom half of your swing. 
There will be more interesting lies in the final round of the 103rd PGA Championship this afternoon. Pay careful attention to the player and not the club. Create a reliable mental image of this PGA Coaching tip. Then focus your attention on the footwork instead of the club the next time you face a crazy Kiawah situation.