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Add Golf to Your Thanksgiving Menu

By Keith Stewart, PGA
Published on

The Thanksgiving holiday is a wonderful time for reflection. In 2021, our holiday may be special in a couple of different ways. Many of us might have skipped getting together in 2020. There’s no doubt each of us will have a lot to recount with family and friends on Thursday. I bet one of the items on many Turkey traveler’s tongues will be to tell their loved ones of their introduction or reintroduction to the game of golf.
What was a sudden surge has certainly sustained itself well past 2020. Now two years into golf’s greatest round count, Thursday presents a unique opportunity to continue celebrating the game with our closest relatives and acquaintances. Football is an American pastime on Thanksgiving, but that doesn’t mean we all can’t enjoy a little golf on the menu as well. Here’s a couple ways PGA Coaches and their families plan to appreciate the game this holiday weekend!
  • From coast-to-coast players will tee it up in a Turkey Tournament on any of the days over the long weekend. If you have family members in town, ask them if they would like to play. Most facilities choose a fun format for these events. Whether it is a scramble or cross-country affair, get out and tee it up. There’s no better way to express our gratitude for golf than to play it.
  • Attention shoppers. We all know Friday represents the biggest holiday shopping day of the year. Ask everyone at the Thanksgiving table what they want for the holidays. You may have some new golfers at the table. You can make them happy this holiday season with a unique gift from your local golf shop.
  • Seating arrangements can be a very stressful process on occasions like this. Make it fun and have a putting contest to determine the choice of chairs. The first to make a putt chooses their seat, then second, and so on. If you dread sitting next to the same people every year, this is an excellent way to spice up the seating chart and have a little golf contest at the same time.
  • Don’t let your company get bored at the table. Ask all the golfers about their favorite memory of the year. Many of the stories will include others from the table. Maybe your Aunt had a hole-in- one or Grandad bested his age over 18-holes. Everyone loves to tell their best golf story. Follow up everyone’s terrific on-course tales with some trivia between courses. Look up a couple questions today. Don’t let dinner drag, add a little golf to the menu and keep it moving.
You came to PGA.com because you care about the game. Invite others to enjoy it as much as you do. The Thanksgiving holiday is a wonderful occasion for sharing with loved ones. This year share your gratitude for our game of golf with those you care for the most. Or let’s be honest, if you organize a chipping contest after dinner, you just might get out of helping clean the dishes.