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Back to School: Fun Ways to Keep the Kids Involved in Golf

By Keith Stewart, PGA
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Children across the United States are heading back to school. Their summer break has ended abruptly and now their active bodies are sitting in desks attempting to engage their brains. While their brains may be tested throughout the week, why not take the kids outside for a great activity by playing some golf. It has been well established that golf’s popularity is through the roof. Many families are actively hitting the courses across America already.
Don’t let school stop the momentum. Many facilities offer six and nine hole rates. Whether you can find the time on a weekday or weekend afternoon is one of the best ways to keep everyone active. The average child spends 1,000 hours per year in class. Reward your students with an activity at least once per week. 
Stimulating the body is equally as important as stimulating the brain. When it comes to golf, sometimes it doesn’t even mean going to play on a course. There are many different options that allow a family to enjoy our game. One of the most popular versions is entertainment golf. Head to a Driveshack or Topgolf facility. Golf is a game and kids love games. With televisions to targets, these facilities have it all. Don’t feel like cooking on a Friday night?  They feed you as well!
If your family is just getting started in the game or enjoy some fun competition, try miniature golf. It’s not just for vacations. Most people don’t give mini golf enough credit. Beginner golfers can learn tons from a windmill experience. Proper contact, alignment, and game basics are all part of the recreation. Parents can team up with the kids or take them on for advanced trips. In either case, you’ll invest about an hour, and everyone walks away happy.
Practice ranges are popping up all over the place with golf’s recent surge. You can decide the time commitment, and everybody gets into the action. Unlike an on course experience the kids can get ten times the activity in a good range session versus nine holes. If they are getting started, set them up with a PGA Coach for a thirty-minute lesson. While they learn, you practice. When you swing side by side create some games. Pick out targets and play closest contests. PGA Professionals are smart. They always emphasize fun by giving the players a ton of targets to fire away at.
Let’s just say it’s Saturday afternoon, the lawn is mowed, and everyone’s homework is done. Make a tee time and head out to the course. Golf doesn’t always have to be a competition. Play a family scramble. After each shot, select the best one from everybody and play the next one from that location. It keeps you moving, and all parties contribute. Even if you’re a serious golf family you should try it. Maybe partner up and have a little match.
A full week of school wears us all down. Scrambles or other fun formats keep the on-course experience positive. Take a kid to Topgolf and you’ll give them the most fun golf experience ever. Once they make a hole in one through the clown’s mouth they will be begging for a lesson. Golf is popular because it is a positive social activity. It truly brings people together. Make it a reward for a hard week at school and/or work.
As a PGA Coach and father, I guarantee you’ll love the impact.