Create Your Own Perfect Golf Workouts with PGA Coach Thor Parrish

By Kayla Gutierrez
Published on
PGA Coach Thor Parrish

PGA Coach Thor Parrish

What exactly does a proper golf workout look like? 
Creating a golf workout can often feel challenging and confusing, and you might not know where to start. Luckily, we’ve got the solution for you. PGA Coach Thor Parrish has provided a bevy of exercises to try at home or in the gym recently, and this time, we’ve got a simple way for golfers to build a simple proper golf workout.
Parrish, a PGA Professional and founder of Thunder Performance in Fort Myers, Florida, recommends that all golfers follow proper workout routines that will ensure you get the most benefit out of it. 
In the video below, Parrish explains how to build your own workout using three simple steps that will directly strengthen and improve your golf game:
If you need more help creating a workout or dialing in your game, connect with a PGA Coach in your area HERE.