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Dial in Your Distances with This Wedge Tip from PGA Coach Joanna Coe

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If you look at the yardage charts for all the players competing in the 103rd PGA Championship you find each club goes a very specific distance. That certainty they have helps them remain calm and compete at the highest level. As a golfer we also have specific distances our clubs carry toward our target. One question that always comes up is what do you do when you get to a distance less than a full swing with your shortest club in the bag?
PGA Coach Joanna Coe explains a system she uses in order to conquer that very common player question and the nerves associated with these close yardages. As the Director of Instruction at famed Baltimore Country Club, Joanna is often coaching her students on scoring shots. Those opportunities close enough to the hole an average player can take advantage of getting it close.
Her system for hitting wedges a multitude of yardages mirrors that of the defending PGA Champion Collin Morikawa. What’s interesting about their common method is they not only employ different length swings, but each also utilizes a selection of clubs. In this demonstration, Joanna easily displays and explains the technique.
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