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By Brian Bain, PGA
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Golf creates the space for father-daughter communication and learning life's skills.Getty Images

As my daughter left her single digits and headed toward her teens, our relationship changed.
Suddenly there were so many other competing influences and interests. Friends, sports and school work all moved up in priority as Daddy-Daughter time dropped.
Like many parents, I am actively involved in all of these parts of her life as much as possible: attending her soccer games, volunteering at the school, and opening our house to her friends for hangouts. But something was missing. These were my daughter’s activities and I was more of an observer than a fellow participant.
Then we headed to the local golf course, and it all changed.
Our first few trips consisted of 5 minutes of putting and 10 minutes of her whiffing on the range. However, we were both there laughing together at her many failed attempts, and high-fiving on those good hits and when the ball found the bottom of the hole. After a few sessions, we ventured out on the golf course during twilight hours for three holes. It is great to share the shots together, but what really makes it special is the talking between shots and after the round.
Golf has been a wonderful way for this dad to really reconnect with his daughter. I cannot imagine a better way to spend time with my (not so) little girl.
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