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Good Form in the Bunker Creates a Loud Thump

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There’s no mistake for the sound of a well struck golf shot. The same is true when we play from the bunker around the green. Successful sand players generate speed through the hitting area when they strike the sand. When that club hits the surface it produces a loud “thump” noise. 
Listen to this shot by Lexi Thompson from the bunker on the Par 3 15th hole. There’s a very distinct noise she makes. It’s low in tone and sounds like a deep whack against something solid. That’s the bottom (leading edge) of the golf club hitting the sand. When you play from the bunker, generating that sound should be your goal. 
In order to create that super smack, you will need some speed and proper form. In your next sand practice session, start without a ball. Try to create “that” sound. Make sure you strike the surface with the bottom of the golf club. Continue to practice until you hear it. Many players are unsuccessful in the sand because they fear hitting the surface. Good bunker shots are about spanking the sand, not hitting the ball. 
Don’t try to dig either. Your form should have the club deliver a wallop and then continue through lifting the sand you just struck along with the ball out and onto the green. Once you have the sound down in your rehearsals, drop a ball in there and then recreate that sound with a shot. Watch and admire your results.
LISTEN to Lexi. Remember that specific sound and your bunker play will thank you.