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Hit Knockdown Shots in Difficult Conditions Like Patrick Reed

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Believe it or not, the Ocean Course isn’t the only windy golf course in the world. Although the media following the action this week will discuss conquering the wind, here’s a real PGA Coach giving you an actual approach to keeping that trajectory of your shots controlled through breezy  situations. 
Patrick Reed is known for playing well in difficult competitions. Not just skilled at competing on a challenging course, but also in demanding elements as well. As a true feel player, Reed often looks like he’s manipulating his swing in order to create a desired shot shape. What you see doesn’t always define what’s real. 
As PGA Coach Randy Chang from The Journey at Pechanga explains, Reed’s secret has more to do with his body, than his swinging motion. Watch Randy’s demonstration as he describes Patrick’s knockdown key. Mind you this isn’t a timing move, Randy talks about having a connection. A synergy between our body and the club while moving.
It doesn’t have to be windy to practice this tip, just head to the practice range and emulate Randy’s rotation. Soon you will notice the difference in your ability to control contact and the flight of the golf ball. Patrick Reed may or may not win the 103rd PGA Championship this week, but having that connection in his swing certainly gives him a fighting chance.
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