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How a Roll of Tape Can Help You Improve Your Golf Game

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There is no doubt that training aids can be helpful, but going down the rabbit hole of buying all the tools available on the market can also be expensive.
We've been down the road of how hangers, towels & toilet paper rolls can help your golf game and learned that a roll of tape can do the same during PGA Coaching Live presented by Cadillac at the PGA Championship.
Host Rich Jones, PGA, and guest Brian Crowell, PGA, shared great drills that you can do at the range or at home with a roll of duct or painter's tape.
Whether you're looking to determine if your hands are at the proper position at impact or if you're striking the ball properly to take a divot, they've got you covered.
So check out the two drills below & be sure to reach out to the PGA Coach in your area to keep shaving strokes off your scorecard.

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