How to Get Tickets to the Masters Tournament

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Craig Jones /Allsport/Getty Images

Masters tickets — typically known as badges around the grounds of Augusta National Golf Club — are some of the most sought after tickets by golf fans and sports aficionados each year. They also happen to be some of the most exclusive and expensive to get your hands on.
However, as anyone who has been on the grounds to experience Masters golf in person can attest to, it's definitely worth the extra effort to acquire some tickets. Just in case you are unsuccessful, here's a list of ways to watch the 2023 Masters from home.
Here's are three possible (and slightly impossible) ways to get Masters tickets:
1. Win the Lottery
No, this isn't saying you'll only get tickets if you win the Mega Millions.
Each year, the Masters Tournament offers a ticket lottery which determines who is able to buy tickets for the next tournament. It's a super easy process and the excitement of winning is probably what we assume putting on the green jacket in Butler Cabin is like.
Shortly after the Masters, an email will go out announcing that the lottery application for the next year is now open. Once you apply, you sit back and wait for the drawing and the email that will reveal your ticket fate. Typically, the drawing occurs in July.
If you win the random selection lottery to purchase tickets, it will be a very nominal fee, especially compared to other major sports events.
In 2019, practice round tickets cost $75 and you were able to request up to four tickets. Daily tickets for the tournament rounds cost $115 and you could request up to two tickets.
Here's some of the fine print from the Masters Tournament:
  • Only one application per person or address will be accepted
  • Do not apply for tickets on behalf of a friend or relative, as a gift, or to sell.
  • All applicants must be 21 years of age or older.
  • Applicants may apply for any and all days, however, are eligible to win only one day.
2. Get a Patron Badge
What if we said there was a way you could pay only $325 and get access to the grounds at Augusta for each day of the tournament. Considering the week-long badges can go for five-figure amounts on the secondary ticket market, that's an incredible deal.
Unfortunately, these badges are pretty impossible to get now.
Augusta National has a limited number of badges out there in the world and once you have one, you can keep it for the rest of your life. If someone who does have one dies, it can only be transferred to their surviving spouse. It cannot be transferred to any other family member or an estate. If there is no surviving spouse, the badge goes back into the pool and the next person on the waiting list gets their chance.
The last time the waiting list was opened up for new names was in 2000, so don't hold your breath getting Masters access this way.
Good luck!