Improve Your Lag Putting With This Helpful Tee Gate Drill

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Unless you're Scottie Scheffler, it's more than likely you'll be facing a longer putt sooner rather than later during a round.
When you face a long putt, making it becomes an added bonus. More importantly is lagging it close to the hole for an easy two-putt. Speed and distance control are two key facets of any good putter . . . when you can get the ball close to the hole from anywhere on the green, it turns bogeys into pars. You'll have less three-putts, more confidence and even begin to focus on making those longer putts.
For now, though, let's dial in on distance control. PGA of America Golf Professional Trish Holt, who serves as Head Professional at Fields Ranch at PGA Frisco in Texas, has an excellent drill that can be set up on any practice putting green.
Watch below for some tips from Trish on using this great lag putting drill, and improving your putting stroke from long distance!