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Make Better Contact With This Golf Towel Drill

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Thin shots. Fat shots. Skulls. Tops.
If you're a golfer, you know the feeling of these shots and how they can ruin a round. Making good contact with every club in the bag is so crucial to playing better because it gives you more consistency and confidence. There's nothing better than hitting a iron or driver right in the middle of the sweet spot, and once you can groove the right motion, those center strikes will happen more and more.
To get that right motion down, it's good to practice the feels of it. PGA Coach Jimmy Wisinski has a great drill using your golf towel that will help you understand how to properly turn back and through the shot. The towel is an amazingly easy feedback tool that will show you the difference between good shots and bad. Plus, Jimmy's drill can be tried just about anywhere, from the living room to the driving range.
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