Innovative Training: Technology at the PGA Show

By Keith Stewart, PGA
Published on

We live in tremendous times to be a golfer. The technology available today is revolutionary. The game’s popularity has pushed several companies into the industry and as a result we are all being rewarded. Gavin Parker, PGA Member of the Middle Atlantic section loves to coach and learn about the game. The perfect match for his energy are these two companies he found while making the rounds at the 2022 PGA Show.
Coaches take note of On Form. It is a mobile solution for teaching. With a couple very key partnerships, they have built an advanced moveable teaching station. Not all coaches have access to a building or specific space on a daily basis. So many move around depending on what area is available to use at the time of the lesson. In doing so it is very difficult to build a modern coaching station.
Starting with a stand made by iRange Sports, there’s a stable unit to hold your recording device. It couldn’t be easier to set up and take down and with a bright yellow color it attracts everyone’s attention. One of the keys to building a successful teaching book is creating interest. Lessons should be highly interactive and noticeable. Start your station with their bold yellow stand and it will certainly attract some eyes.
Then underneath your student’s feet will be a BodiTrak mat. This pressure sensing device helps complete the modern approach. The On Form program itself allows for easy swing capture and evaluation. You can voice over, compare swings and share. Any coach looking to get their instruction game on form should certainly take a look like Gavin did.
Now speaking of measuring your connection to the ground, Salted Ltd. has invented a new way of understanding these forces. They sell insoles you wear inside your shoes. With some amazing technology you can measure your weight distribution in your full swing or putting stroke. If that level of swing understanding isn’t of interest, then the other two functions it performs will be.
Imagine you’re ready to hit a putt. With a quick walk to the hole and back, you can learn how long the putt is. Connecting the hit with a known length is the quickest key to limiting three putts. The Salted designers aren’t done yet. Once you do take that quick walk it will also provide undulation feedback. Yes, it will tell you how the putting surface breaks! That one piece of information alone makes this innovation invaluable.
Golf is really going places and if this technology trend we’re witnessing at this year’s Show is any indication of what is possible, your game is only going to get better. Whether you are a coach or player, start to really explore the convention center floor. If you’re not in Orlando, download the app. Look through the directory and see what’s available. Just by experiencing the variety of innovations out there, you’ll be able to elevate your golf acumen.