PGA Holiday Gift Guide: Part 3

By Keith Stewart, PGA
Published on

As the deadline for getting holiday gifts closes in there’s still a very simple way to give a personal gift to that golf fanatic in your life. We know we are past the point of sizes and special orders, so what could be left? How about adding a little fun to your golfer’s game
Golf’s recent popularity has added a plethora of new products to the marketplace. When considering a last-minute option, take a moment and consider something outside the box to ensure enjoyment. Leave the cheesy coffee mugs and calendars behind and let’s get started with the most entertaining items you can still grab for your friend, family, or colleague.
A modern golfer deserves a well-dressed bag.
Start by adding a new headcover to your golfer’s collection. Look at the current covers and determine which need to be replaced. Don’t forget to check the putter cover! Golf bags are being used at record rates; nothing screams “I haven’t looked at my bag in six months” more than weathered old headcovers.
Get to Stitch or Seamus Golf. The variety, design and color options are modern and most of all will make your golfer look cool.
Music has made its way to the course.
More players are listening on the links and whether your golfer walks or rides, the JBL Clip 3 is a great choice. It’s small, waterproof and clips onto the bag. This lightweight option looks cool and will help create the perfect playlist for their next round.
Take their game to the next level.
The most extreme way to play is on a Golf Board. “Surf the earth” is their slogan and let me tell you this is the most fun you will ever have on a golf course. You ride alone and move quickly. Throw on some tunes at the same time and your golfer will truly be living their best golf life!
Most golf is played under warm conditions.
Why not give your player something to keep their drinks cool and clean. Yeti’s lifestyle brand works for all types of activities, especially golf. This gift will serve many purposes, but the best is when playing on a hot day and your drink stays super cold.
Ramblers, tumblers and insulators in a nice collection of colors are perfect for that mid-range priced gift.
Golf is an athletic activity.
For some, the game can cause more strain than others. The best device for rapid recovery is a Theragun. If you haven’t tried one, you’re missing out. This “mini” can fit in your golf bag easily and provides therapy before, during and after the round. If you golfer has aches and pains, this gift will give them a new lease on playing more golf. Not to mention, this is one gift you can enjoy the benefits as well.
On the topic of health...
Why not give them a Whoop? When Nelly or Rory use it top lay their best, you know its works. By wearing a simple wristband, you can manage your rest and recovery. A Whoop membership will help you feel better and that means the ability to play more often. Now that’s a 2 for 1 gift every PGA Coach can recommend.
The most popular trends in golf leading to its welcome popularity surround the two themes of fun and fitness. If your gift adds to their enjoyment or helps them feel better and play more, than you have certainly successfully gifted your favorite golfer this year.