PGA Jr. League: Cog Hill Ravines Advance to Regional Championship

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It was a busy day in late July at Boone Creek Golf Club in Bull Valley, Illinois, for the Illinois PGA Section Championship.
Six teams, which included three teams from Cog Hill Golf & Country Club, two Woodfield teams and a team from Lake County, advanced to an afternoon wave after a morning wave that featured a total of 24 teams.
After a highly competitive afternoon wave, Cog Hill Golf & Country Club - Ravines advanced to the Regional Championship at Oxmoor Country Club in Louisville, Kentucky.
Cog Hill - Ravines shot a combined 88, or 20 under par, to win the qualifying spot.
Section Qualifiers and Championships are the first of three phases in the National Car Rental PGA Jr. League Championship Season, which highlights the aspirational nature of competition celebrated in a way unique to PGA Jr. League.
Overall Results from the Morning Wave
 *Cog Hill - Ravines (83)
*Cog Hill - Dubs (102)
*Woodfield East - Team A (102)
*Cog Hill - Jemsek (102)
*Woodfield East - Team B (105)
*Lake County - Team A (107)
Randall Oaks (108)
Rockford (109)
Northbrook (113)
Pine Meadow/White Deer Run (114)
Champaign (117)
Naperbrook (122)
Mistwood (123)
Springbrook (124)
Countryside (124)
Wedgewood/Prairie Bluff (126)
Bolingbrook (126)
Lake County - Team B (128)
White Eagle (131)
Stony Brook/Zigfield Troy (136)
Boone Creek (153)
Glen Valley - Team A (153)
Glen Valley - Team B (154)
Harborside (W/D)
*advanced to afternoon wave
Overall Results from the Afternoon Wave:
*Cog Hill - Ravines (88)
Woodfield East - Team A (98)
Woodfield East - Team B (99)
Cog Hill -Dubs (102)
Cog Hill - Jemsek (106)
Lake County - Team A (113)
*advanced to Regional Championship
Congratulations to the Cog Hill - Ravines team for advancing to the PGA Jr. League Regional Championship at Oxmoor Country Club in Louisville, Kentucky!