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PGA VendorMatch Spotlight: Stacy K Floral Shines at the 2023 PGA Championship

By Ryan Adams, PGA
Published on

If you were at the 2023 PGA Championship last spring, you may have noticed some top-tier floral arrangements dotting Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester, New York.
Those were thanks to Stacy K Floral, a local woman-owned floral, decor and gift studio in Rochester, which provided plant arrangements for the PGA Championship throughout various hospitality locations in partnership with PGA of America prime vendor, Salem Sports.
Alongside several other local businesses Stacy K Floral was selected to work the PGA Championship through the PGA of America's VendorMatch program. In pursuit of a golf industry supply chain that mirrors the demographics of America, PGA VendorMatch provides procurement opportunities for local and diverse-owned suppliers in support of PGA’s spectator championships.
Stacy Ercan during the 2023 PGA Championship.
Stacy Ercan during the 2023 PGA Championship.
Stacy K. Ercan, the owner of Stacy K Floral's, has been building her business for nearly two decades and to see it shine at a well-known event like the PGA Championship is extremely rewarding.
“I put it on my bucket list that I wanted to be a PGA florist at some point. And it happened," says Ercan. "It was been fascinating to be behind the scenes seeing it all come to life.”
Ercan says the PGA Championship experience through VendorMatch was excellent, especially due to the program's structure.
A Stacy K Floral arrangement in a hospitality suite at the PGA Championship.
A Stacy K Floral arrangement in a hospitality suite at the PGA Championship.
Adds Ercan: “Everyone was really wonderful just making sure that we were set up for success, because our success equates to their success."
Most notably though was the reward of incredible hard work over the years, creating Stacy K Floral and turning it into not just a thriving local business in Rochester, but one Ercan is proud to share with fans on golf's biggest stage.
“I come from a family of entrepreneurs. I learned dedication and discipline, and I love marketing, and I love business," says Ercan. "I also love working with other female businesses. I worked really hard in the 17 years of having my company to build a community where we all support each other.”

PGA VendorMatch registration will open this summer in support of 2025 PGA spectator championships, to learn more about the program, click here.