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A Water Bottle Can Help Keep You From Swinging Over the Top

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There are plenty of ways to correct your golf swing with items you have right at home.
A water bottle, not only will keep you hydrated on the course, but help correct that dreaded over-the-top move in your swing.
Follow along with this simple drill from Abby Parsons, PGA, and your swing will be improved in no time.
  1. Grab a half-filled water bottle
  2. Hold the bottle in your trail hand and set up like you are over the ball
  3. Move your arm with the bottle to the top of your body like its your backswing
  4. Mimic your backswing while holding the water bottle
  5. Avoid spilling the water bottle to ensure proper technique
Abby Parsons, PGA is the assistant golf professional at Whistling Straits in Kohler, Wisconsin.
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Abby Parsons


Assistant Golf Professional

Scottsdale, AZ

Former Division I collegiate golfer for Boston University. Born and raised in Pinehurst, North Carolina. Currently a Golf Professional at the Country club at DC Ranch after my time being a seasonal professional at Whistling Straits and Coral Creek Club. Strong believer in growing the game for all, but extremely passionate in increasing a female presence on the golf course as well as developing a fun atmosphere for junior golf.