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Play to Your Strengths in 2022

By Keith Stewart, PGA
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The beauty of golf lies in our ability to be individuals. Very few sports, if any, allow the athlete to add their own signature to success. There’s only one way to throw a football, shoot a basketball, swim, or run to achieve great results. When it comes to golf, we throw that cookie cutter right out the window. PGA Coaches teach their students basic principles, but in the end, you decide what works for you.
Last year on the PGA tour, there were two men tied for the Par 5 scoring lead. Each recorded over 80 rounds and 1,100 strokes on Par 5’s. These two men are very well-known golfers. Yet their approach to the game couldn’t be anymore different. One player is a tremendous driver of the golf ball. As a result, his knack for making birdies and eagles on Par 5’s comes from his ability to get closer to the hole in two shots than anyone else.
The second player is a fantastic wedge player and putter. His talent for scoring on Par 5’s is based upon a world class capability to get the ball close from any lie inside 100 yards. This is a major part of what makes golf so great, but what can the average golfer learn from them to improve in 2022?
Here’s a quick self-help guide to developing your strength path to better golf.
1. Start by writing down your strengths. Rate each of these four categories on a scale of 1 to 5 (Anything over a 4 is a strength).
- Off the tee (Driver)
- Approach to the green (hybrid/iron game)
- Around the green (sand and short shots
- Putting
2. Start to accept your strengths. Keep that list in your golf bag. Before your next round, read the list and prepare. Look for opportunities to use your strengths.
3. Set up a mental performance plan designed to use your strengths. Believe in your plan.
4. Play golf and keep track of your results. Did you stick to your plan? If you didn’t, what caused you to change your mind?
- Take very brief notes, it’s not hard and won’t slow you down.
5. Review your round and notes. Are you truly using your strengths throughout the entire round? Is your strength list correct? Should it be adjusted?
Positive preparation leads directly to better performance. You can significantly improve in 2022 by recognizing what you do well on the golf course and utilizing it more often. If you are a great approach player, do your best to get the ball in the fairway. Whatever it takes.By taking advantage of using your iron/hybrid game it will improve your overall score. This methodology will help you build tremendous confidence.
Once you create that momentum, you will start to understand what works for you on the course. Accepting who you are as a player is a powerful tool. It allows us to remain in the present during our round and lower performance anxiety. Make sure you share these strengths with your PGA Coach. Together you can continue to enhance and use them. Bryson DeChambeau and Cam Smith didn’t become the best in the world by going down a similar path. They truly have different strengths. Yet, they were the best two Par 5 players on the PGA Tour last season.
Recognize and appreciate the strengths in your game. Use them to your advantage this year and make it your best scoring season ever!