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Podcast: Getting to the Green with Keith Cutten

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Golf course architecture plays a massive role in the game and often, players don't even know why things are the way they are... Why do you have alignment problems on that one tee box or why you can never stick it close on that one geen or why that one bunker always gets in your way... It all happens for a reason, and Golf Course Architect Keith Cutten can tell you why.
In the eighth episode of PGA's Getting to the Green Podcast, learn what it takes to create some of your favorite courses and how Keith gets to the green by designing them.
Getting to the Green is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by Mackenzie Mack, PGA, and presented by the PGA of America. Mack will interview interesting guests and uncover interesting stories from those who cover the game for a living as well as from those who play it and coach it.
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