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Podcast: Getting to the Green with Tisha Alyn

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Golf's social media influencers represent the game in a way that other golfers can’t. If you’ve ever tried to master a Instagram Reel or TikTok or Facebook Live, you know that it takes a special skill to perfect these posts - and it’s even more impressive when they get these videos to spread virally. The seventh episode of the Getting to the Green podcast features someone who has made it her career to make golf trend on social - and she's absolutely crushing it - Tisha Alyn.
Tisha dives into her journey in the game of golf, the highs & lows of being an influencer in the golf and some of her keys to success for players looking to become a content creator.
The bi-weekly podcast is hosted by Mackenzie Mack, PGA, and presented by the PGA of America. Mack will interview interesting guests and uncover interesting stories from those who cover the game for a living as well as from those who play it and coach it.