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Podcast: Getting to the Green with Ryan Adams, PGA

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If you've ever wondered what it'd be like to write about golf for a living or are interested in how to become a journalist, episode 9 of the PGA's Getting to the Green Podcast with Ryan Adams, PGA, from the PGA Magazine is a must listen. In this episode, Ryan dives into his road to the PGA Magazine, his advice for people looking to get into journalism and his love for golf.
Ryan Adams' journalism career began in early, when he found his love for writing while creating the student paper. But, before that, every job he'd held had involved golf. In this episode, hear how he combined those two loves to become a writer, reporter and editor for PGA Magazine.
Getting to the Green is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by Mackenzie Mack, PGA, and presented by the PGA of America. Mack will interview interesting guests and uncover interesting stories from those who cover the game for a living as well as from those who play it and coach it.
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