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Practice Uneven Lies Before They Happen

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PGA Coach Rich Jones can handle any uphill challenge. As a PGA Professional and a leader he knows the importance of surveying the situation and then coming up with a successful plan to conquer it. Take for example his strategy for overcoming uphill lies.
Thankfully most practice ranges are level just like the amazing set on PGA Coaching Live. One of the biggest challenges in golf is finding a way to practice those uneven lies we find ourselves in when playing. Rich is a creative coach and he uses a basic range basket to help with this demonstration.
Place the basket under your lead foot. It will give your body the sensation it's playing from an uphill lie. Take a couple practice swings. The first thing you will notice is the club goes into the ground very steeply. Correct that issue by matching the line across your shoulders with the tilt of your body. You will now have a higher lead shoulder and lower trail shoulder.
This gives your swing arc the ability to realign with the ground. Now when the club swings, it is able to meet the ball without much manipulation. A simple change that will make a big difference when it comes to conquering those uphill situations.
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