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Quick Golf Tip: Keep Your Body Moving to Stay Connected to Your Swing

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Lizette Salas has always been known for hitting fairways. Her accuracy comes from a simple sequence we can all repeat. As you look and listen to this swing, we quickly get two takeaways. The commentator mentions how “connected” she is. As we watch from this angle, we see her middle continue to move through impact and into her follow through.
So many golfers struggle with turning in their golf swing. We all start with our shoulders, hips and knees pointing toward the ball at address. One of the biggest misconceptions in golf is that those same body parts need to be in that same position at impact. NOT TRUE. In fact, trying to match everything up at impact is impossible.
Follow Salas’ example here and keep those body parts moving through the swing. Don’t stop your turn at the ball, keep going. Try this quick demonstration to feel what is being described. Grab a Basketball or large ball and get in your golf stance. Hold the ball between your two hands with your palms facing one another.
Take a backswing, turning away and holding that ball in your hands. Now transition, and start turning through the shot. You’ll be amazed to see what happens. The turning movement of your body pulls the arms around. As you begin to face the target, the ball will fly forward without using our arms to push it.
This phenomenon is what we see in Lizette’s swing. Everyone wants to throw the ball with their arms. Turn and pull those arms around. If you keep moving and let go of the ball it will be thrown toward the target. This sensation is how our body creates power while swinging. Some call it “connection,” PGA Coaches refer to it as the proper swinging sequence.
Being connected doesn’t mean we keep everything together, it means we use everything together. Different parts have different distances to travel so they all won’t be in the same place at once. Keep turning that body and throwing the ball. Next thing you know you’ll be swinging like the KPMG PGA Championship leading Salas.