Quick Tip: Miss the Stick & Fix Your Slice

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Are you tired of your slice? Grab an alignment rod and let's get rid of it.
PGA Coach A.J. Nelson sent us a simple drill that could help you straighten out your shots, hit more fairways & greens and ultimately lower your scores.
All you need is an alignment rod; You can even pick up a plastic rod from your local hardware store for less than a dollar.
  • Stick the alignment rod two clubs lengths behind the ball.
  • The alignment rod should be approximately knee high.
  • Set up your alignment parallel to the rod
  • Work on swinging inside of the alignment rod; If you hit the stick, you're swing is coming over the top.
Check out the drill above & be sure to connect with a PGA Coach in your area for golf lessons that will help your game.

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Alan "A.J." Nelson, PGA

Fairfax, VA

Alan Nelson

PGA Specialized Professional

It's a pleasure to meet you. My name is A.J. Nelson and I am a Class A Member of the PGA with a specialization in teaching and coaching. My goal is to grow the game of golf, one player at a time. I have been working in the golf industry for 19 years and have given thousands of lessons. I earned a Masters Degree from the University of Maryland, College Park and have graduated from the PGA sponsored Professional Golf Management Program. My strengths lie in teaching, club fitting, and player development. I look forward to bringing you my expertise in golf and feel extremely privileged to have the opportunity to work with you.

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