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A Swing-Station Setup & Drill to Help Fix Your Slice

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The first thing to address when you're slicing the golf ball is to understand why.
More often than not, the clubface is getting significantly open in the backswing, causing you to create a swing path that is going more left. When your swing path is going one direction and your clubface is facing the opposite direction, there will be more curve to your ball flight.
Fortunately, PGA Coach Dan Marvosh from the Southern California section has a swing-station set up with a pair of alignment rods and a drill you can use to create an extreme feel that will help to correct your swing flaws.
The extreme feel will help you close the clubface and turn the toe of your club over. When done correctly, you'll start to see your shots start right with a draw.
Marvosh walks you through the entire drill in the video below. Check it out & be sure to connect with a PGA Coach in your area for individual instruction to help improve your game.
Dan Marvosh

Camarillo, CA

Daniel Marvosh

Founder All Systems Golf

I am a PGA Professional and TPi Certified Golf Coach. I studied Golf Management at ASU and was head golf professional at Terranea Resort for 4.5 years.

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