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Fowler’s Finesse from the Sand Employs a Very Simple Strategy

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Whether you are allowed to take a practice swing in the sand or not, your strategy for hitting a successful shot remains the same. A solid base, use of the bounce and always move the sand. 
Rickie Fowler’s short game is world class. Watch his blast through this tricky sand shot on the 3rd hole today. You will notice, Rickie employs all of the necessary keys needed to play a great explosion shot from a sandy lie. Here’s a simple list for your next beach excursion.
  1. Set yourself up like a normal pitch shot. Your body should be parallel to the target line at this point. It’s good to start from a familiar position. 
  2. Open the face of the club adding loft. Do so by turning the club, don’t regrip it, doing so will expose the bounce of the club to the sand. Now open your stance until the grooves are back pointing at the target. 
  3. Choose a spot behind the ball to strike the sand. Swing through that spot and continue following through to the target. The follow through is key because lifting the sand is what also lifts the ball.
Following this simple sand strategy will allow you to adapt in the bunker. Even though we may not always hit it close like Rickie, using this PGA Coaching guide will definitely get the ball out and toward the target.