Summertime is Here: 5 Quick Tips for Taking Up The Game

By Vinnie Manginelli, PGA
Published on

Golf is a challenging game at any level, but starting out can be daunting to say the least. One of the “benefits” of golf is that there’s a lot of information out there, tips and tricks to get your swing “to look like the pros,” when in reality there are really no universal shortcuts to help every new golfer out there. 
There are, however, five common sense bits of advice that every new golfer (and we have welcomed a lot of them to the game over the past two years) should heed and pursue to properly get moving in the right direction:  
  • Get a Partner to Share the Experience With
  • Find a Coach or Instructor to Help with the Basics
  • Acquire a Set of Clubs that Conforms to Your Body Type
  • Start Small and Grow into the Game
  • Expect the Unexpected, But Always Enjoy the Ride
Get a Partner to Share the Experience With
Some new golfers find the game intimidating, while others see the social opportunities. Either way, having a partner at your side on the range or in the golf cart with you can ease one’s trepidation and enhance the enjoyment that golf provides. Whether it’s a spouse, friend or coworker, diving in together can help you both grasp the concepts better. Like they say, two heads are better than one! 
Find a Coach or Instructor to Help with the Basics
Of all the activities that require a solid foundation, and the best information early in the process, golf is near the top of that list. It is important to find a PGA Professional coach or instructor who offers programs that meet your needs in terms of content, cost and availability. WIth such intricate introductory information provided from your very first lesson, finding a PGA Professional who understands your mindset as a beginner and gears his or her instruction to that frame of mind is vital. 
Get a Set of Clubs that Conforms to Your Body Type
Developing your skills is important, but the tools you use to do so have an effect on how quickly you improve and develop. It has historically been all too common for new golfers - women, juniors, seniors - to use ill-suited golf clubs when starting out. Today, custom club fitting is as important to a golfer’s progress as the golf lessons and instruction. Your PGA Professional will aid in the fitting process and provide the best advice on new clubs based on your body type, goals and budget.
Start Small and Grow into the Game
Once you’re immersed in golf, you will realize that putting is the most important part of the game. It’s where you validate the good shots and compensate for the poor ones. When starting out, don’t underestimate the value of time spent on the putting green. This is where you, as a new golfer, can get comfortable on the course, see results and enjoy progress. Make those three-foot putts, then four and five. Practice your lags putts and develop a feel for putting that will carry over to other aspects of the game that you’ll learn along the journey. 
Expect the Unexpected, But Always Enjoy the Ride
Listen…golf is a game. Unfortunately, most golfers take it too seriously and expect more from the game than they’re sometimes willing to put into it. Learn the basics, practice as you go and get on the course sooner than later. Develop a network of friends, new and old, with whom you can enjoy it. Keep in mind that you will have good shots and bad, joys and disappointments, fun and frustration…and you can expect all of that every time you hit the links.