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The Difference Between Practicing on Mats vs. Grass

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There are a few significant differences between practicing off a mat versus grass.
Sometimes you may not have the option to choose between the two and PGA Coach Thor Parrish wants you to consider the impact mats have on your body and performance.
The ball performance numbers that you should be looking at that have the greatest variable are launch & spin. You should see higher launch & spin when you’re hitting off a mat. There may also be a slight decrease in clubhead speed when you hit off a mat.
Although a mat is convenient, it does apply a lot more force on the hands, arms & shoulders at impact. It’s important to note how many golf balls you’re hitting and what clubs your hitting.
Try staying away from low irons where you’ll be compressing the golf ball too much. Stick to hitting high lofted shots with wedges and high irons.
Check out the full video from Parrish at the top of the page & be sure to connect with a PGA Coach in your area if you’re looking to improve your game this season.
Thor Parrish

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Thor Parrish

My name is Coach Thor and I am a PGA Professional Specialized in Teaching and Coaching, TPI Fitness Certified, and a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer! I own several companies in the golf performance space including The Junior Golf Performance Academy, Thunder Performance, and The Golf Rope. My mission is to walk 18 holes when I am 100 years old and I help others do the same!

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