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These Three New Golf Brands Will Help You Beat the Heat This Summer

By Ryan Adams, PGA
Published on

It’s been a hot summer season so far in 2023, and the golf course is one of those spots where you can feel the heat and sunshine on full blast.
Not to fear, however, as plenty of golf companies want to help with their products. As we touched on in our new golf clothing to try piece, there’s been a wholesale shift in the way brands are creating product — and it revolves around the person using the actual item.
Quality material. Clean ingredients. Moisture-wicking. Comfortable. Stylish. The list goes on, but the companies that were presenting at this year’s 2023 PGA Buying & Education Summit had all of these attributes and more throughout their products. From a golfer’s standpoint, it’s exciting to see, especially if you’re looking for an items that can make summer a little more enjoyable.
With a PGA Member’s stamp of approval, here are three products to give a shot to this summer:
& Collar
A relative newcomer to the golf world, & Collar was founded in Utah in 2017 but brings some serious firepower when it comes to their fabrics and price.
What used to be Blue & White Collar was shortened to & Collar, but the founding idea behind the company remains the same: Create a great product for the blue collar brigade. 
& Collar’s foundational product are wonderful long and short-sleeve dress shirts that literally repel water — we saw a sales rep splash some on one of their longsleeves, and it fell to the ground, with the shirt remaining dry. The shirts are also extremely light but durable and keep the wearer cool when the temperature rises, AKA perfect for summer. 
For the golf course, & Collar has taken that same technology and transformed it into pants and joggers. The pants are a little more standard while the jogger is a slimmer fit but both can be used in a number of occasions. Both products are also buttery soft but in a sturdy way with built-in breathability, meaning they’re ready to go for about any scenario, especially the heat.
Maybe the best part is the value you’re getting for these items. Shirts are under $60 and pants are a touch more, but come with A+ performance and longevity. Now that’s a win-win.
Foray Golf
Storming onto the women’s apparel scene, Foray Golf is making its name known through a fashionable combination of style and functionality. Their shirts, outerwear, dresses, skirts and skorts, and athleisure items are eye-catching but not in an over-the-top way. Bright colors, neutral tones, and small pops of floral design are just a few of the options.
Foray is also a proud woman-owned and Made in the USA brand — their factory is in New York City — so every clothing item is designed with quality and purpose. One sweep through the company's line and what stands out the most is the fashionable options that are perfect for summers both playing golf and not.
The company's dresses are wrinkle-resistant, breathable, moisture-wicking and quick-drying, but also have patented stretch, shape and durability to be a go-to closet item. The dresses also can come with "sneaky pocket shorts," for golfers to hold phones, balls and tees in —
another cool functionality feature.
The polos come sleeveless or with sleeves, but both are packed with sun protection, wrinkle-resistant, stretch-infused Italian jersey fabric and plenty of style for every golfer to find something they like.
Oars & Alps
When it comes to battling the heat and sun, there’s plenty of options you can find to protect yourself. But not all options are equal.
That’s what Oars & Alps co-founders Mia Duchnowski and Laura Cox kept running into with their husbands — some products left the guys sunburnt, some had junky ingredients, others were greasy, smelly and unfriendly for travel.
So, they designed their own. Sunscreen, skincare, deodrant, hair and athletic recovery products and more, all with clean, non-toxic, enviromentally-conscious ingredients. The sunscreen products are top sellers and perfect for golf. The Oars & Alps facial mist and sunscreen stick fit perfect in a golf bag, and the spray sunscreen packs the same quality formula in a bigger version.
Thinking more about golfers, Oars & Alps also has an anti-chafing spray that is super convenient with excellent protection, and a menthol-based recovery tool that’ll help with any post-round aches and pains. All products are mess-free, travel-friendly and built for people on the move, and Oars & Alps preaches quality on its entire line — which makes it an easy choice for this summer.