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Three Keys to Strike Your Irons Like Hideki Matsuyama

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Hideki Matsuyama has always been a great ball-striker. But what can you learn from him?
The biggest thing is how Matsuyama fully turns back, with a slight pause at the top, and then accelerates through the golf ball. A lot of golfers will do neither.
Instead, they won't make a full turn, putting them out of sync, and then end their swing at the ball, trying to help it into the air or save the shot with their arms or hands. It's easy to do, especially if you have longer irons or are playing a par 3 that requires a solid strike to reach the green.
PGA Coach Jimmy Wisinski watched Hideki this past few days at Torrey Pines, where the 2021 Masters Champion made an ace (believe it or not, the first of his career) in the second round. The strike on the par-3 eighth hole is a perfect example of the type of full turn and follow-through that's needed for crisp contact.
Take a look at the clip below, which includes Jimmy's three tips, and you'll have some good advice to use for your iron shots, either from a par-3 or in the fairway.