Game Changers

Three New Pieces of Golf Equipment That Will Improve Your Game

By Ryan Adams, PGA
Published on

Just like your car needs a tuneup and inspection every once in a while, so does your golf game. And as late summer rolls around, there’s no better time for a quick check-in than now.
Luckily, there’s also a ton of great new products that can help you get better or make playing golf a little more enjoyable. Much like the fresh lines of golf clothing unveiled at the PGA Buying & Education Summit this past week in Frisco, Texas, there were also plenty of golf equipment items that were geared toward one central theme: the person actually playing golf.
Here are three things we spotted from the Summit’s Demo Night that can make golf a little easier — and more fun:
DeWiz Golf Watch
At the crossroads of science, technology and golf equipment sits the deWiz watch/wearable, a tremendous training tool for golfers looking to get real-time feedback and analysis in perhaps the most convenient way. 
DeWiz’s foundation is based in neuroscience and motor skills, so the more swings a golfer makes with it on their wrist, the more the device can dial in on how to help someone get better. The wearable communicates data points to a nifty smartphone app and golfers can get just about every piece of feedback they need to make practice more efficient and fun. 
The result is hitting the ball longer, straighter and closer to the pin as result of the work with the deWiz wearable . . . and in a shorter time, too.
GolfForever Swing Trainer

If the World No. 1 and U.S. Ryder Cup Captain are using something, it must be pretty good, right?
That’s the case with the GolfForever Swing Trainer, used by Scottie Scheffler and Zach Johnson, as well as other well-known tour professionals and thousands of other golfers. The Swing Trainer may be the ultimate warm-up, golf workout and mobility-enhancing device. It’s easy to set up, can fit in your golf bag, or serve as the ideal tool to train the right muscles that produce a powerful swing.
Golfers then download the GolfForever app and can customize workouts based on what they’re seeking: better posture, more mobility, higher clubheadspeed, stronger core, or a combination of everything. The app will then create a program tailored to the goals and the golfer, which makes it highly effective right out of the box.
The GolfForever Swing Trainer is great at making golfers stronger in the right ways as well as less injury-prone, but the idea behind its purpose really lies in the name of the company — helping golfers play golf, well, forever.
Perfect Hands Golf Training System
Another new training device on the range at Demo Night was Perfect Hands Golf. It’s a glove-belt-weighted band combination that gets golfers on plane and in sync. The idea behind the product is connectivity — for the best swing, your entire body is connected, and certain parts aren’t moving separate from each other. 
Perfect Hands has options for left- and right-handed players, as well as juniors looking to improve. The way the system is connected allows golfers to work on eliminating certain misses (hooks, slices, etc.), gain clubhead speed by increasing the band weight, and find a better tempo that can help make swings more reliable.
Golfers are recommended to follow Perfect Hands’ workout program if they’re seeking gains in clubhead speed, but can also use the product to  fine-tune their swings with repetitions on the range — perfect for a late summer evening!