Two-Step Your Way to Better Alignment

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Golf is a game of rhythm. When it comes to the details of playing, tempo doesn’t always have to describe your swing. Take this example from PGA Coach, Mackenzie Mack. She knows alignment is one of the most important fundamentals in the game and her “two-step” drill will certainly give you an easy method for remembering how to set up alongside the ball successfully.
One of the biggest challenges in the game is that we stand perpendicular to the target in golf. Simply put, we face in one direction and our golf ball goes in a completely different one. It becomes an even more significant challenge when we are swinging because if we don’t align ourselves properly it creates any number of in-swing issues.
Listen in as Mackenzie compares addressing the ball to dancing. Her steps are specific and easy to remember. That’s important, because this building block of the game is extremely vital. Once you set the clubhead down and point the face toward your target, in comes the dancing!
Feet together, then short step, and a long step. Follow this PGA Coach’s demonstration in the video and before you know it, you will be taking your first two steps toward success in your game.
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