Walking the Floor: The Best Favor Finds at the 2022 PGA Show

By Keith Stewart, PGA
Published on

Finding the perfect gift can be tough when you walk the aisles in a sea of similarity. The 2022 PGA Show has an infinite number of new innovations, awesome apparel, and cool tech products. Whether it is 2022 or 1992 there’s one question all the buyers are looking to answer; what’s will be the hottest favor of the year?
Remember going to a birthday party when you were kid. The visits to Chuck-E-Cheese may have ended a long time ago, but if you play golf, you still get goodie bags. Monday outings, member-guests and Pro-Ams almost always supply their participants with a gift or favor. The trick becomes if you have an annual event, what will you give out each year? The collection of cool products make the PGA Show the perfect place to explore what’s new.
Everyone has a tumbler. Drinking water, coffee, or something fun has become an integral part of our society. I bet there’s a couple of these steel cooler cups in your house all adorned with some crazy marketing colors. One nice use of these cups that keep drinks cool is on the course. Another item we use in everyday life is a Bluetooth speaker. Every household owns at least one of these as well.
Vibe has combined these two essential everyday items into one very cool tool. They have speaker tumblers. 24 hours of keeping drinks cool alongside 8 hours of speaker battery life. The cups come in twelve different colors with a leak proof lid. You can add a custom logo and best of all they are dishwasher safe. Take it out on the water and if you drop it, they float!
Fairbuilt Woolen Mill Co.
The best favors are ones that get used. Add this item and your participants will truly get a two for one gift. If using the favor is the best judge of its value, this next item will check that box off as well. Fairbuilt Woolen Mill Co. as the name suggests makes wool products. Their signature item is a 100% wool blanket. Completely customizable you can choose the colors; add a logo and it all just keeps you pleasantly warm.
The best favors market your brand, and you can’t have a bigger personal billboard than these babies. Made in the USA, Fairbuilt is the oldest manufacturing company in Minnesota. They also take great pride in being a zero-waste company. Therefore, they make all types of items in their signature wool. Wine carriers, totes, coffee koozies and pillows also fill out their unique inventory.
Smather's and Bransen
When it comes to interesting inventory it is tough to compete with Smather’s and Bransen. Their amazing needlepoint products really make an elegant statement. Although many are familiar with their belts and wallets, they take great pride in inventing new merchandise every year. This year is no different as they are launching a couple of cool swag bag possibilities. Custom putter covers with your club logo, or something simple like as scorecard holder. Their bathroom travel kits are distinctive and for the ultimate ’22 favor, how about a custom needlepoint loafer? It certainly sounds over the top, but the best favors are irreplaceable items that let everyone know you participated in something special.
These three examples represent just a small part of the experience we see when you attend the biggest showcase of golf products in the world. Make sure you reach out to these companies quickly. Their popularity is sure to increase because you’re not the only one hoping to make your event memorable this year…