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What Are You Thinking As You Stand Over a Big Putt?

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"What's the line?"
"Don't crush it."
"PLEASE go in..."
A million things might be racing through your mind as you stand over a big putt. No matter what it's for, your first eagle, bragging rights or a Major Championship, it's vital to have your mind in the right space to sink it. So what is the right frame of mind?
We posed this question our followers on social media and answers proved to be a mix of useful, insightful and hilarious. Check 'em out:
"Visualize the line. See the ball going in!" - Jerome A.
"Gotta sink this for a double." - Steve B.
"Back and thru." - Pamela D.
"Where is the beer cart?" - Terry B.
"Don't forget your wedge after this three putt, you already lost your 60 this week." - Spence P.
"I am the greatest putter in the world.... Then I leave it short." - Brian L.
"Don’t forget to breathe." - Michele W.
"If I hit left bumper right now what would the Tiger Vision look like?" - Mike J.
"Read it. Concentrate on speed. Expect to make those inside 10 feet often. Stroke it with confidence." - Ben S.
"Don’t leave it short." - Brandon S.