What Can We Learn From Will Zalatoris? A Great Turn.

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The most important move in the golf swing is a turn. While watching the 103rd PGA Championship this fact is on full display. Although Louis Oosthuizen is leading with one of the sweetest swings on tour, nobody exemplifies a great turn better than the young star Will Zalatoris.
PGA Coaches across the country work with their students on teaching them to turn. When we watch Zalatoris’ movement it looks so simple. Well it is and here’s a great drill you can do at home, the practice range and on the course to cement this fundamental move. 
Take out the driver. Place the grip end in your belly button and have the club pointing straight out in front of you.. Grip the shaft with your arms outstretched about halfway down the club. Get in your normal golf posture and begin to turn back keeping the club fixed in your navel.
You’ll feel a very strong connection between the arms and the body. You can turn all the way back, then change direction and turn all the way through. Make sure you shift your weight while turning just like a golf swing. Complete a few solid rehearsals then grip the club like normal and take a swing feeling the same amount of rotational movement. This type of complete turn through the hitting area will have you launching laser like irons similar to this one from Will on the 8th hole today.