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February 12, 2017 - 3:11pm
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T.J. Auclair
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Justin Timberlake
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Is Justin Timberlake the coolest guy in the world? What can't he do? Check out the day he had for himself at Pebble Beach on Saturday, which included at least three highlight-reel shots.

Justin Timberlake is one of the biggest entertainment stars in the world today.

He's a supremely talented singer and dancer. He's hilarious (YouTube some of his SNL skits).

He's married to the beautiful Jessica Biel.

If you're a golfer and you don't envy Timberlake for anything we've already mentioned (congrats on your awesome life, too!), then envy him for his 4-handicap and envy him for what he was able to do at breathtaking Pebble Beach on live TV Saturday.

First, there's what JT did at the world-famous, par-3 seventh hole:



By the way, that was Timberlake's pro partner -- Justin Rose -- snapping this selfie from behind the tee:



Then Timberlake did this on No. 16:



Enough is enough, right? Nope...

... Here he is on the par-3 17th hole:



I don't know about you, but Timberlake is right at the top of my, "Dude I'd Like To Be For A Day" list. 

Oh, and it looks like Timberlake is saving some highlights for Sunday as well...