Overcome mental obstacles


Q: Im not a beginner I consistently shoot in the mid 80's but am trying to take my mental game to the next level. I feel I am physically capable of shooting in the 70's but cannot overcome the mental aspect of the game. I become really frustrated when I hit a bad shot and thats the beginning of my high score. I try to block it out obviously, but it stays with me. I like to play competitively, just not with myself. So is there any help I can get for this problem or is it just something i have to take care of myself? I would really like to get past this problem, I feel I have the potential to be a better player. Any help would be appreciated.

A: The book I would suggest you read to help you overcome mental obstacles is "Golf's Sacred Journey" written by Dr. David Cook. You can find it on-line at the linksofutopia.com.