Hitting the punch shot in golf

David Forgrave

Q: I'm a senior golfer and I use graphite shafts - I have for several years. Please explain the punch shot. I was watching the Sony Open and I saw several players with abbreviated swings. Nick Faldo tried to describe it but I didn't understand.

A: The "Punch" shot is just another name for a low ball, usually hit into the wind. The key is at impact to de-loft the club you are using, thus resulting in a lower shot which will be less affected by the wind.

Keys to a successful punch shot.

1) put more weight on your front foot than normal
2) play the ball back in the stance
3) keep the weight on your front foot as you make your backswing
4) perhaps most important, have the hands ahead at impact, a feeling that the right wrist is still bent back as you hit the ball.