More control on short irons

Geoff Rhodes

Q: I'm aged 66 and an 18-handicap with a swing speed around 85 mph. I have a consistent ball pattern of straight-ish right-to-left. I'm looking for a little more control on short irons but not to sacrifice distance (The Holy Grail I guess!). Would I be better with a two- or three-piece ball? I now play with a two-piece (Pinnacle Exception).

A: Geoff, two-piece balls generally come with harder covers and a firmer feel. With a three-piece ball you will, in most cases, be able to get a softer cover. You might like the softer feel around the greens and with the shorter irons with this type of ball. However, Pinnacle has a new ball called the Dimension that might be to your liking in the same line as the Exception. Ball-fitting can be an important piece of the equipment puzzle. I recommend spending some time with a PGA Professional who is familiar with your swing and game preferences. Together, you might be able to find that Holy Grail.